BenBros – Friday’s Child

Yeah! You found us! This is the page where you’ll find the inside story on the making of the Friday’s Child Album. The who, the why, the wherefore….including some bonus tracks, out takes, pictures and general shizz.

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BenBros, the Bennett brothers – the last time we played together in a band was 1980! Imagine waiting this long to do it again!

“All my drumming life I got told to play it straight and keep it simple. This album was my chance to play neither straight or simple, but exactly how I wanted to”… Supawal, Drummer

“Each day we went into the studio with an idea, a notion, a catalyst. We emptied our minds and prayed that the Gods of music might express themselves through us”…

Here’s some notes on how some of the tracks from the album came into being…
FNIK – The idea for this track came from the repeated riff that you hear at the start. That in it’s turn was inspired by an old DOD 25B Envelope Filter effect pedal that had been given us by the Rev Dave Seward. It had been in his gig bag for the previous 15 years, he’d never really got on with it. It was purely by chance that I mentioned to Dave that I was looking for an Envelope Filter, and he had one he didn’t want. Fate or what?
The riff sets the scene for what will be a duel between the harmonica and slide guitar. The ‘Levee’ style drums are triggered samples of a real Ludwig Vistalite kit.
GoGo II – This ‘first taker’ was originally much longer than 9 minutes! We were having so much fun, and the groove was strong. It was the only thing we recorded that day. We were drained after such an epic!

Bonus Track – Last Night

Bonus Track – Put Your Sunglasses On

Early Mix – FNIK

A Jam track….kicking some ideas about…

One of our early cover design ideas. 🙂
Benbros Front Cover - early version

tracking some Wah guitar - Cry Baby!