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    1. dear stratobiker

      Seems we share some interests (making music, riding bikes…).
      We plan our holidays in august at the moulin de Sansonneche (near Felletin, plateau de Millevache). I’m looking fot MTB tracks in that region. Can you help me out (i have a GPS)? Thanks.

      kind regards
      Erik (Belgium)

    2. Hey,

      I’m going to be staying in St. Sornin La Marche in August for a few days and I came across your blog. I’d love to do some mountain biking while I’m in Limousin. I have no idea about the trails in the area but the Monts de Blond look like a good option for me.

      I was just wondering if you could recommend any bike rental places in the area. I have a race in Ireland on the 16th August ‘Da Cooley Thriller’, my first one so would love to get in a bit of practice the week of the race.


    3. Hi

      I keep starting to play Samba Pati and then change to another version, or copy
      a step by step video because it seems easier but it does not sound right.

      I think you really have a great version – I too have spent weeks learning and then change to a completely different way of playing and am never happy with the newer or easier version – and then gave up as I was sounding more like a flamenco guitarist in the end!

      I have only ever got about half way thru a version and change!

      Do you have the tabs for your version and have you considered doing a step by step video of how you play Samba Pati?

      Well done, you play it so well
      I am back again to try and play Samba Pati – hope you can at least send the tabs for this


    4. Hi Stratobiker!

      I just came across your amazing cover of Samba Pa Ti. Wow!
      I’m 60 and a complete beginner. My first private lesson is next week.
      Do you have any advice for a beginner who is obsessed with learning to play this song? Do you think I need to focus on basic guitar lessons before trying to learn Samba Pa Ti?

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