All biked out

Since I am now a full time bike rider (unemployed), and what with the weather being so good, coupled with the fact that my bro’ found an excuse for a couple of days off work, and came up to visit, i’ve been stacking the miles in.We did four and a half hours around Wyre Forest on Tuesday. The weather was superb, we both remarked at how much like the South of France it was! See for youself. We found so much new stuff that we had never ridden before that we didn’t want to come home, it was fatigue that got us in the end.

Next day, fully rested, and with a skinfull of booze from the night before under our belts we hit the trails of Kinver. Back on home turf, and feeling like supermen, we rock’n’rolled our way through some of the best trails in the Western World. I know Kinver like the back of my hand, but after three and a half hours it slapped me around the legs, belly, and head. We crawled home into the raging headwind.

Later that evening, sono molto fatigued. By eight-thirty I didn’t even have the energy to sit up, and went to bed. Today was a rest day, but rest assured, tomorrow, I’ll be back out there.

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