Always puts a smile on my face…

I dunno why, it just does…….well more of a smirk really!
Carla in full racing tuck! ;)
See, when we do the Cognac la Forét circuit we always have a rolling race down the last tarmac descent to home. It started off as a test of rolling resistance of tyres, it’s turned into a ‘just for fun’ thing that we always do. It’s about a kilometer and there’s a slight rise just before the finish. My usual technique is to let Carla get in front then pass her on the slight rise. However, shes wise to that now, and she’s bagged a few wins lately. Gonna have to change my tactic.

Anyway, for some reason, and I don’t know why, when Carla passes me, crouched in full racing tuck, it puts a smile on my face.

7 thoughts on “Always puts a smile on my face…

  1. I came back for a second look 🙂 and the saddle and the bag look like Gonzo from the muppets! 🙂

  2. Steve – tell me this, what’s the better feeling:

    1) Floating on the pedals at top of your form, at your max with absolutely no pain.

    2) Sat on the terrace at La Maison Bennett, say mid March to Oct, around 4.30pm, over looking the lake, with beer in hand.

    3) Following Carla’s bottom irrespective of form and pain levels?

    What a life!


  3. Does Karla know you let her lead just so you can look at her Butt? If you have to change tactics…..I bet she does!!!??

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