Bad Ass Biking

Went to France last week, took my road bike. Had some long rides around the Mont Blondes area in mind. My friend Dave came along, ‘cos Carla wasn’t really happy about me going by myself.On our second day, we set of toward Les Monts, the weather was fine, and we were keen to get some miles in our legs. We had been riding about 5 minutes along lovely country lanes when we came to a fork in the road. Dave went one way, and I went the other. As a result, we rode into each other and ended up on the floor!

We lay here on the road in agony. Two daft old sods who should have known better. A deserted road, in rural France, and we’d crashed into each other. Some 15 minutes later we were riding again, in agony, covered in blood and dirt, back the way we had come. That was the last ride I did that week.

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