Championnat Départemental VTT 2009 – St Junien

Vet B podium - Haute Vienne VTT Championships 2009
Made it on to the podium yesterday in the Départemental VTT champs. 2nd place again, just like last year, but different winner. Someone suggested I was becoming Poupou! My team-mate Eric from the R.O.C.C was third.

I’m not gonna give a blow by blow account ‘cos I have something else on my mind. The podium was all settled for the Veteran Bs before we’d even left the arena anyway! Take a look at this picture, its shows a group of 5 going clear some 30 seconds into the race. Pierre Chenaud (Vet A winner), Christian Boutain (Vet A 2nd), Eric Monjofrre (Vet B 3rd), Jean-Claude Sansonnet (Vet B winner), and me. They never saw us again.

tout suite 5 go clear

Talking of never seen again. Jean-Claude attacked at the top of the circuit on the first lap, and he was never seen again, and that’s what’s bothering me.

See, in the two years I’ve been in France I’ve beat JC a couple of times fair and square. But since then he seems to have raised his game, and I can’t get anywhere near him. He beat me by 5 minutes yesterday! 5 minutes I tell ya! Plus, I’m going well enough to sit with the leading Vet As for three laps (they did four).

I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I reckon it’s because I’m too young. I’m only 53, Sanso is 62! I need a few more years to reach his level, a few more years experience under my wheels. What else could it be? Here’s a picture of me tracking the master…


Jean-Claude, si vous lisez ce, félicitations pour votre victoire d’hier, vous êtes un vrai champion. Which is to say – Jean-Claude, if you are reading this, congratulations on your victory yesterday, you are a true Champion.

Thanks to the hosts AS St Junien for all their hard work putting on a totally superb days racing – c’est Hyper Beau.

11 thoughts on “Championnat Départemental VTT 2009 – St Junien

  1. Well done Steve….nice one 🙂

    I think often the secret of these guys is down to gene manipulation!

    ie they choose the right parents 🙂

  2. big congratulations, second place is great if you had won it you would not have had the hunger for next year!!

  3. Well done to you both! Great results! Steve, I think you need to get in front, make a few shapes and scare the opposition silly ; ) But remember, skids are for kids, get it driftin!

  4. Picture sez it all Steve. JC is crouched in the pained and suffering position passed down though the ages, he will pedal hard until he dies or wins whichever comes first. You … you’re just lollygagging along mate, like a blimin’ tourist.

    Or it could be the dope/wine.

  5. Top man and girl. Flying boy!! If them French dope testers turn up on your door step don’t first insist on taking a shower.

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