End of the Road

It was with great sadness, and a heavy heart that I offered my beloved road bike for sale. She was beautiful, my pride and joy, Mon Petite Reine. However, she had remained virtually un ridden for two years due to my shoulder injury. Yes, I had ridden her up and down the road now and then in the vain hope that all would be well, but finally I have had to accept that my road race days are over.

She had carried me to many a victory, and to see her just sitting there, was too much to bear. She was born to go fast, built for speed, from her taut Columbus SLX lightweight body to her zinging Dura Ace wheels. I sat with her for a while as I waited for her buyer to arrive. I hung a couple of medals on her that we had won together. We shared a moment, then all to soon she was gone. I hope she’ll be happy in her new home. I’ll think of her from time to time, and I’ll always be able to relive some of our great races together in my mind.

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