Friday Quiz!

Right, can you name these three very famous cyclists? Score one point for each one you get right…
Three Coustards
Once you have the names you can get extra points if you can give a reason why each one is an ‘odd one out’ from the other two.

Update and answers РThe famous cyclists are, left to right, Raymond Poulidor, Andr̩ Dufraisse, Eddy Mercx.

For odd one out you could have said…
Eddy Mercx – he’s Belgian, the other two are French.
André Dufraisse – he’s a cyclo-cross rider the other two are roadies.
Raymond Poulidor – he’s the only one of the three that didn’t win a world championship.

The thing that brings all three of them together in this picture is the L’Echappe Belle cyclo-sportive held here in the Limousin.

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