Happy Birthday Carla

Carla, my lover, friend, life-partner, significant other, training partner, co-driver, manager, consultant, massuese, celebrates her birthday today. Now what do you get a beautiful woman in the prime of her life for her birthday? Well, ‘plan A’ fell through because the thing I ordered, which has to come halfway around the world, won’t be here until next week. Why didn’t I order it earlier? Because that was not possible, it didn’t exist before I ordered it, there was no way to order it earlier than I did. I suppose I could save it for a Valentines Day gift.

Anyway, ‘plan B’ ain’t so bad. I’ll go to the lingerie shop and buy her some nice underwear. Add a bottle of champers, a bar of chocolate, and some effort to let her know how much I love her, what more could a girl want?

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