Jazz Club update

“How did the first Jazz Club meeting go?!”, I hear you ask! 🙂

Well, it went very well, better than I hoped! There were eleven musos who played at some point during the evening. Two drummers, two bassists, four guitarists, sax, harmonica, flute, keyboards and three singers. Some of them played more than one thing.

A couple of the songs fell on their face and sounded awful, but for the most part, considering most of us had never met, let alone played together, it was good. It wasn’t meant to be some kind of polished performance, it was meant to be for musicians to get together and have some fun, and that’s what they did. So when the end of Moondance went pear-shaped it didn’t matter, it was good, because every muso involved was grinning from ear to ear!

I was so pleased that it went well. I’d put quite a lot of work in, and in a way, I was glad to get the first one over and done. The enthusiasm was such that it’s now going to be a regular thing, on the last Thursday of each month. So without further ado, here’s the poster -> -> ->

Jazz Club 28 march

So, that’s, Jazz and Blues at the Giac’s Bar in Saint Junien (87 – Haute Vienne) on 28th March.


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  1. Less jazz, more doggie stories! It’s been a while but I see you have another pooch. Hoorah!

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