La Grande Traversee du Limousin 2008

Grand Traversee du Limousin 2008200kms of pure pleasure! That’s three days racing your mountainbike across the Limousin region of France. Racing one way only on unseen terrain stopping overnight in sports halls being looked after in a way that only the French know how to do. 200kms of pure pleasure indeed!

You don’t even start and finish in the same place. Nope, they take you to the start in coaches! This years race, and it is a ‘full on’ race, starts at Nantiat in the Haute Vienne, and finishes in Chátelus-Malvaleix, by way of Benevent l’Abbaye and Guéret over a profile that looks like sharks teeth. I’ts gonna be tough. It’s gonna be great. Im in, are you?

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