Pain and Pleasure

With no races for a few weeks, but a couple of races before the end of the season, I’ve been training hard to try and hold some form………

The Pain – So, I’m out on a three hour ride with two hours done. I’ve been working hard, but now I’m spent. It’s a cold miserable day, and all of a sudden it feels like it’s a long way home. Why do I do this? What’s the point? Pushing and punishing myself in the ultimately futile pursuit of physical excellence in a minority sport. I don’t know, so I push on home to a hot shower.

The Pleasure – Two days later I’m out on a training ride with a bunch of local riders. Were moving fast along a rolling road through the beautiful French countryside. No one speaks as we bowl along, all working together as one. I’m floating, it’s hard, but it’s effortless. I’m just there, in the moment, it doesn’t get much better than this….. I’ve earned it! 🙂

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