Secret Weapon

Got myself a Compex MI-Sport! A what? An Electro Muscle Stimulation unit! Yep, like this one…
Compex MI-Sport
I first came across them when I was riding the GTL last year. At the overnight stop there were quite a few riders using them to help with their recovery. Anyways, after months of researching/reading/agonising I bought one. Had it a little while now, been using it mostly in ‘active recovery’ mode, but also trying the ‘capiliarisation’ programme, and the ‘endurance’ programme. Early days yet, but I’m sure it will help.

Compex sensorOh, forgot to say, we used it on Carla’s back after she overdid it in the garden. Worked wonders! I tried it on the way home from a race. While Carla drove I zapped my legs and had a can of beer! Decadent or what?

There’s lots of info’ about them on the Compex website. I got mine from Perform Better in the UK, they were extremely helpful. Even gave me a free pair of Linebreak tights!

Compex sessions can be carried out outside or during voluntary training (see training plan). If you wish to do both types of training at the same time, we recommend that you start with voluntary training. In some cases, particularly for resistance work, it may be beneficial to start with a Compex session in order to generate a state of “pre-fatigue” in the muscle fibres.

Pre-fatigue? Now there’s a thing. I wonder if that’s like going out training when your’e still tired from the day before?

7 thoughts on “Secret Weapon

  1. Does this thing really work or do you have shares in the company? I remember similar things (weight loss, passive exercisers) being banned in Oz for, let’s see, not actually doing anything! πŸ™‚

  2. Those skins look very much like the Linebreak tights I got with my Compex.
    Haven’t really had chance to try them yet, but one of the Aussies on the L2P raved about them. He would put them on after the day’s stage, and even sleep in them. He went well, so who know.

  3. Hmm.. maybe once I’ve got the new bike and got it dialed I’ll try them. Can’t hurt that’s for sure. Any Aussie doing L2P must do well.. it’s too bloody far away to ride it slow! πŸ™‚

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