superabundance of attractive women!

Last weekend I went along to watch some of my friends and rivals competing in a League of Veteran Racing Cyclists road race. The LVRC caters for racers who are over 40 yrs old. In fact you cannot hold an LVRC licence, or take part in their races until you have had your 40th birthday! Now don’t get the wrong idea, a load of old codgers, making a spectacle of themselves in ridicolous lycra, this aint. Far from it, with ‘ex pros’, former international, and national champions riding it is intensely competitive. With the luxury of semi-retirement or even retirement some of these riders train harder now than when they were ‘pros’. Furthermore, although some of them can’t remember where they parked the car, they can remember exactly who crossed the finish line in front of who, and by how much.

Anyway, while I was taking a few pictures of the action, and shouting words of encourgement to the riders I began to notice that there was a superabundance of attractive women in the vicinity of the race finish area, and the race headquarters. Now I’ve been to veteran races before, and on sunny days before, but never noticed this phenomenon before. I started thinking that it maybe a function of me not racing. This being the case I might have to consider ‘not racing’ again ‘cos it surely beats looking at the lycra clad arses of the lads in the bunch!

see ya out there soon,

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