The end of a new start

Me with this years trophies.It’s the end of my first season racing again. After I broke my shoulder in 2003 there were times that I thought I’d never race again. I even sold my beloved road bike. However, things gradually improved, and after dipping my toe in the racing water in the December 2006 Pearce Cycles runners versus riders I decided to give it a go in 2007.

Well, I reckon it has been one of my best seasons ever. Moving to France and riding virtually full-time may have helped. I’m certainly lighter, and have more miles in my legs since my peak in the 90s. The success that I enjoyed early in the year made me even more motivated, which in turn brought about more success. It was simply fantastic to be racing again, and holding my own in the scratch group. Not bad for an old bloke with a dodgy shoulder.

I’ve already made plans for races in 2008. Got the calendar pinned up on the wall. Even sent race entries off. Big targets for me in 2008 will be – Haute Vienne VTT Departmental Championships, Limousin VTT Regional Championships, and VTT National Championships. Getting a win in one of those would be really something.

To me sporting activity is a celebration of life, and I realise that I’m in a privileged position to be racing at all, part of the reason I want to do really well. I also realise that I couldn’t do it without the support of friends, and the love of my wife.

So here goes, I’m going into 2008 with a mission to celebrate. I hope 2008 goes well for you, and you get to celebrate too.

Bonne année!

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