The Magnificent Seven

Over 1500 riders ferried safely to the top of the downhill course at the Pearce Cycles winter Series round 2 by the Magnificent Seven. Actually it was just over 300 riders, but each rider had 3 practise runs, and two timed runs, so that’s 1500+, it’s just that some were multiples of the same! And the Magnificent Seven? That was the team of 7 highly skilled drivers of assorted vehicles with trailers doing the uplifts. There were two Landrover Discoverys, a two wheel drive tractor, and four four wheel drive tractors. The trailers ranged from purpose built uplift trailers with racks for bikes, to cattle trailers (some of those riders are animals!).Some trailers were faster than others, and some took longer to load than others, and some had twice the carrying capacity of others. Despite this the team operated a slick service with no rider having to wait more than a couple of minutes. It was a great sight, and a great buzz to be part of a convoy snaking up the hairpins loaded down with bikes and riders. The noise of those big tractors working hard is something special!!!

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