The Sugaree Band

Some of you, most of you, probably know me as a cyclist, but actually, I’ve been playing guitar longer than I’ve been riding a bike! I first picked up the guitar when I was a teenager recovering from a motorcycle crash! I didn’t start competitive cycling until some years later.

I’ve played in all sorts of bands over the years. I love playing guitar, and I think guitars and cycling go well together. Since I moved to France, and I’ve had a little more spare time I’ve been playing more. I’ve always been in other peoples bands up until now, and while that’s great, sometimes you don’t get to play the stuff you really want to play. Also, when I’ve played. friends have told me that they didn’t realise I was into this or that or whatever when really I’m not, I’m just playing the bands material – I rarely get to play as ‘me’!!!! I hope that makes sense.

So, I finally started my own band, “The Sugaree Band”. We play an eclectic mix of anything that takes our fancy, and anything that suits my 70s based Strat spanking style. From Hendrix to Anita Ward! Yeah! We do “Ring my Bell”, the old disco classic!

We are a three piece, drums, bass, guitar, plus singer. You’ll never guess who the singer is! Actually, you probably will. The thing I really love about the ‘power trio‘ line up is that everyone must hold up their corner. There’s nowhere to hide. It’s honest, raw, earthy. It can make a grown man cry, and a young woman go weak at the knees – goin’ off on one. Soz!

We’ve only played a handful of gigs so far, but we’ve had a truly great response which has motivated us even more. No, I don’t imagine for a second anything silly. But I don’t see why we can’t be a good semi-pro outfit with a full schedule. There’s plenty of work out there for good bands.

Watch out, here comes the sales pitch! If you are looking for a band playing an eclectic mix of fantastic covers from the 70s onwards in the Haute Vienne (Limousin), and surrounding departments for your party, wedding, biker fest, fete, celebration, we are available.

You can listen to a sample of our music on our reverbnation page here…

You’ll find my stuff including some hilarious pictures of bands in the past here…

We have a facebook page here. Please ‘like’ us. It’s good karma! 🙂

Keep on Rocking in the Free World

SB 🙂

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