Voulez-vous rouler avec le ROCC?

ROCC girl - Voulez-vous rouler avec le ROCC?Would you like to ride with the ROCC? Well this Saturday you’ll have the chance. It’s the ‘Rochechouart Olympic Club Cyclo’ half day velo sortie. There’ll be different length circuits to choose from ranging for 35km up to 100km, with ravitalments (food stops) enroute. All are welcome, the pace is friendly, you’ll be riding through some beautiful countryside, with some fabulous company, so why not come and join us?

Meet at the ‘Maison de Temps Libre’ in Rochechouart on Saturday 28th June at 13:30, for a 14:00 start. Helmets compulsory.

See you there? C’est ROCC’n’Rouler! oui? 🙂

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