a man on the edge

I’m able to get ‘out and about’ a bit now for some gentle exercise. So, naturally for me, the first place I had to go was Kinver Edge. Why? Because the countryside there is stunningly beautiful in all seasons. I never tire of being ‘on the edge’, it is a perfect place that has had a spell on me since the very first time I went there when I was 6yrs old. Yes, my love affair with Kinver has been a long-term one, and that’s the best kind.

Meanwhile, my shoulder injury is progressing well. I’m getting quite confident at the exercises I was given. I’ll be seeing the consultant again next Monday, and I can’t wait. Talking of not being able to wait, Carla and my brother Andrew can’t wait until I get back on my bike so that they can take it in turns to give me a good pasting! Pay back time!

Still working my way through the computer books except that I am now into one of the best books I have ever read. I am so impressed with Designing With Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman that I’d say it was essential reading for anyone who has anything to do with web pages.

Thanks to Zeldman I now understand the need for Tantek’s ‘box model hack’, for the ‘be nice to Opera’ rule, and why doctype switching can make such a difference. Yes, it’s “goodbye comp based, and hello rules based design”, for me from now on.

Hang on….. have I lost the plot? now where did I put my anorak?

PS.This week I have been mostly listening to the kids playing in the street. They’re having a great time!

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