from where I sit

In the backI have taken to riding in the back seat of my car, seeing that I can’t drive, and me an’ my sling don’t fit in the front. It gives you a completely different perspective on what’s going on. I just let the wonderful Carla get on with the driving while I relax, and enjoy the ride.

Went back to hospital on monday to see the consultant, he was pleased with my progress. Removed my dressings, and took my stitches out. I’ll have a lovely scar to add to my collection. I was told that I have to wear the sling/brace for 6 weeks. After that there’s gonna be a lot of hard work to get my shoulder mobile again.

Reg Haig is out of hospital now, and making excellent progress. I reckon he’ll be back on his bike before me! Mind you he did say he was going to give the ‘off-road’ stuff a miss for a while until he gets his confidence back.

While I’m off work I’ve decided to make the most of it, and I’m working my way through some ‘heavy’ computer books. The one I’m reading at the moment might as well be called ‘cure for insomnia’, as it only takes about 20 minutes to send me to sleep.

Gave in, and watched ‘Neighbours’ today!

PS.This week I have been mostly listening to ‘Learn French’ with Michel Thomas! On CD 3 now!

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