an axe to grind!

an axe to grindSix weeks now since I crashed my bike, and….

Great news! I can play my guitar! OK, so I’m struggling with the Nile Rogers funky stuff, but widdly bluff is no problem. For those who don’t know, I started playing guitar when I was recovering from a bike (motorbike) crash when I was seventeen. Hmmmmm, there’s a theme here, I’m sure.

Yesterday I rode my bike again for the first time. It wasn’t easy, and I feel very sore, but it was great, up and down the road twice, about 200m of cycling bliss.

Also yesterday I was lucky enough to be taken out for the afternoon by my good friends Lyndsey and Dave Pearce. We went to see the 2004 bikes from Specialized. There was some incredible stuff on show, and I found myself earmarking thousands of imaginary pounds for my 2004 bike stable. Modern bikes, we were told, have a brain, with intelligence! Yeah, but they’re still ridden by cyclists, right?

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