Another one bites the dust!

JW in action!

Me old mate James from Pearce Cycles was due to come out and ride the 24heures VTT at Bonnac. It’s only 5 weeks away. But I got an email, he told me…

“I fell off on Sunday and proper battered myself! I’ve broken 2 ribs, fractured my wrist, torn my ac joint on right shoulder, banged my head hard and removed a large amount of skin from my back and side! I can’t remember anything from about 3mins before, till roughly 20mins later and i was only knocked out for a couple of secs apparently!”

Turns out that he was riding his bike down the last part of the Downhill course at Bringewood, over-jumped the table top and nose dived onto the fire road! Ouch! That’s one almighty big jump. Now, the thing is, that normally, James don’t jump that far. He told me that. So what sort of speed he was doing on the take off is hard to imagine. He’s examined his bike, and found that the front brake has failed, and the rear shock is blown. But whether the front brake failed as a result of the crash, or whether it was part of the reason for the massive jump we’ll never know.

“Someone said I overjumped the tabletop and landed straight onto the fireroad, but I couldn’t jump that far on my DH bike, so something must have gone wrong. It’s annoying not knowing, it doesn’t make sense!”

One minute you’re there happily riding your bike, next minute you ain’t.Bonne récupération James!
Take care out there the rest of yous! 🙂

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