Mrs Stratobiker down!

Mrs Stratobiker crashed her bike yesterday. She doesn’t crash very often, but when she does….. we were haring down a farm track, it’s a bright sunny day, I’m on the front, Mrs S is close behind. Flying around a corner, there’s some big tractor ruts, we’re trapped in the right hand one, oh no, there’s water and mud! I compress the bike, unweight it, flick of the wrists and I’m up and out onto the dry centre section. I expect you can guess what’s coming next. Mrs S does the same but catches her back wheel on the edge and goes down……. in the rut…..slides along it she does… it’s not funny! She’s covered in it, it’s all in her helmet her hair, she can’t see ‘cos her glasses are covered. She can’t decide whether to laugh or cry, and she’s very sore.

I had to go on the front all the way home. Made her strip off outside, sent her in the shower, gave her a large glass of whiskey. Looked after her proper. She’s a bit sore today, but she’s OK. Gave her the lecture. You know the one about being selfish, and who’s gonna look after me if she’s injured. πŸ˜‰

No pictures, ‘cos it’s just not right to show a cyclist when they’re down.

8 thoughts on “Mrs Stratobiker down!

  1. Good for the complexion πŸ™‚

    Steve, where are the fotos really ? πŸ™‚

  2. Oh poor poor girl….buuut you missed the essential…hows the bike!!! -0″0

  3. what a shame ! hope you will be back on the track with a new ladie ! otherwise, to have an unbreakable bike in any circumstance, I reffer you to ride with a DH or Enduro bike ! yep, it’s a real burden when you’re trapped in mud with 2.5 tires … i’m used to ride on french riviera … where rain is over our cuff ! ^^ courage !

  4. Hey Zag my friend,
    Thanks for visiting! I think you are right! Yes a new lady, that’s a great Idea, I’ll keep the old one though, she’s a good worker! πŸ˜‰

    Did you do the GTL this year?


  5. hi sorry to hear about the crash, hope she’s ok it would be the normal thing to brake something just before a grand tour started on tv. glad she survived intact.

    this got me thinking, sorry for the question but after a few years in france which way do you keep your brake levers?

  6. Hi Mark,
    We still ride with our front brake on the right. There’s no reason to chance really. Plus, I don’t think I could cope with front brake on the right on my motorbike and front brake on the left on my bicycle.

    Had an interesting chat with a French cyclist the other day about cycling in the UK. He was under the impression that when a brit buys a bike they actually change the brakes over so that the front was on the right. He was asking me if everyone did it.

    SB πŸ™‚

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