Battered, broken and sad…

My battered old Polar Sports TesterMy Polar Sports Tester HRM has finally come to the end of the road. My wife bought it for me in 1993, and gave it me for my birthday when I went to the World MTB championships in Metabief.

We been through a lot together (yes, the wife and the Polar, but I’m talking about the Polar). I remember using it to win my first ever LVRC road race. I deliberatley wore my best mountainbike kit, and rode off the start line as if the finish was just around the next corner in the hope that the seasoned veteran roadies would think I was some idiot MTBer who didn’t know what he was doing. It worked, and once I was out of sight I settled down and used my Polar to guage my solo effort. In the end I won by just 20seconds. I was told, “Well done, but you won’t get away with that again!”. 🙂

Then there was the time I was racing in the MTB Nationals. I was being pressed hard by Dave McMullen, giving all I had, I glanced down at the Polar it showed 193bpm. I knew I was going well, riding close to my maximum. It was the hardest I’d ever tried in a bike race, I wanted to win so much.

It’s given great service, and it’s been hanging on ever since it’s last soaking in the London to Paris, but this time it’s a goner. I’ve had the back off, and dried it out like I have so many times before, but no sign of life. I’m a bit sad actually, it’s like an old friend. 🙁

4 thoughts on “Battered, broken and sad…

  1. Stevie, I have an old Polar that looks similar, must’ve come after the Tester model. I traded a set of STI Ultegra shifters that fell into my lap at Cannondale fo rit back in ’93?, ’94? If you’re nostalgic for another one and I can find the bleedin’ thing, email me your address and I’ll send it to you.

  2. I have a polar sport tester in fab working order if you are interested in replacing get in otuch otherwise I could do with some help in using it as i cant get hold of a user manaul anywhere on line………………..

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