Entraînement fractionné avec the wife!

Carla on one of her training ridesEver since our friend Theo smoothtalked the wife into pulling on one of his race jerseys she’s been goin’ quicker and quicker, and taking her biking much more seriously. Heck I even found one of my best race tyres on her bike! It’s OK, I don’t mind really. 😉

Anyway, today we had some interval training planned. The plan was a simple one – a hard effort up the lane to the top of the woods, then a descent off-road allowing partial recovery before the next effort, while testing skills on a rooty damp trail. We did a couple of warm-up laps where we looked at line choice and gearing. This warmed us up. I wanted to do 7 efforts, Carla was gonna do 6. We did one more warm-up circuit a bit quicker to prepare and we were away.

I’m thinkin’ that I’ll hammer on around the 5 minute circuit and probably catch Carla after about 4 laps. She know’s i’m going to try and do this. It’ll make us both try a bit harder. OK, so four laps come and go, there’s no sign of her. As each lap passes I’m goin’ quicker and harder. On the recovery descent I’m now pedaling hard, oh yeah, and I’m cutting the corners and riding on the wrong side of the lane. By lap six I’m pretty much riding flat out the whole way around. No sign!

So maybe she’s done her 6 pulled out and gone home. Or maybe she’s feeling so damn good ‘cos I aint caught her that she’s lost count. Hammering up the lane for the 7th time I see her. Probably about 30 seconds ahead. She’s probably finished now and warming down, I’ll catch her easily. Nope, it takes the whole lap. I only catch her as we reach the bottom of the wood.

I ask her what she thinks she’s playing at! 😉 She tells me that as I hadn’t caught her, like I said I was going to, she decided that she’d do one more lap, and not let me!

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