Fifty Bleedin’ Five!

I can hardly believe it. I’m fifty five years old. Fifty bleedin five! How did that happen? Bear with me while I go off on one for a second will ya? I remember sitting at my desk at school, I’d just become a teenager. I was working out what year I would be twenty one, and how old I would be in the year two thousand. I remember thinking how “old” twenty one would be, and couldn’t begin to imagine how elderley a Y2K forty five year old would be……and now I’m fifty bleedin’ five!

To make up for it, I had one helluva weekend. I played three gigs with Downright Liberty. Great fun, though just to harp on a bit more about my age, I find it quite bizarre to play punk on my pink paisley strat and see all these pogoing old blokes mouthing the words back at me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So on my birthday? Had a leisurely breakfast then loaded the bikes in the van and went to the wonderous, mythical, Monts de Blond. Spent the afternoon riding my favourite trails with my wonderful wife. The weather was fabulous, and as usual, the Monts de Blond were just beautiful.

On the way home we stopped off at the Supermarche and got something nice for dinner. Dinner was served on the patio, and we shared a drink or two until long after the sun had set. A peaceful end to a lovely day. Thanks Carla, my lover. xxx


4 thoughts on “Fifty Bleedin’ Five!

  1. Happy birthday and welcome to the club Steve. You’re not looking too bad – Carla is obviously all that is standing between you and decrepitude, so take good care of her.


  2. Happy Birthday,

    Now get on your bike and start racing again so I can read your race reports. All that rock n roll fun has slowed you down.

    Like the photos, you both look great.

    Love Dave

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