Team Dave’s mission….

Remember a little while back I was telling you about my buddy James, and his Land’s End to John O Groats ride? Well. he mentioned that the euphoria and sense of achievement was somewhat marred by the fact that when you arrive at John O Groats there’s only you and your team there. All your supporters and friends are back home, and to get back home you have to climb in a vehicle for the 8 hour drive.

Team Dave banner

Now, Dave Price (James’ cousin – also a compulsive cyclist), and Dave Lewis (yet another Pearce Cycles Dave aka Sparky Dave), fancied having a go at the LeJog, unsupported…….. and were discussing James’ comment when they had this lateral thinking brainwave. They both live close to the LeJog route, so why not ride to Lands End, then ride to John O Groats, then ride home! Effectively doing the length of the country twice, unsupported, and ending their ride as homecoming heroes on their own doorstep. What a genius idea! Plus try as they might, they couldn’t think of a single reason why they shouldn’t do it!!! So they are….

Starting Sept 11th 2010, Team Dave will cycle the length of the UK twice unsupported in 20 days, covering approximately 2000 miles, raising money for Air Ambulance.

You can follow their progress on the Team Dave website. I urge you to support them by sponsoring them here, or here. It’ll raise their spirits, and drive them on. I mean like, c’mon, 2000 in 20 days, that’s 100 miles a day for 20 days!!! That’s awesome! What a schedule.

Bon Courage Team Dave. Good Luck for tomorrow, and the next 19 days. We’ll all be willing you on.


One thought on “Team Dave’s mission….

  1. A massive thanks for the support Steve! Many people have congratulated us on our completion of this trip, but the words of respectable fellow cyclists carry so much power its a difficult feeling to accept. A week on & its only just sinking in!

    See you soon!

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