Too much Rock, too little Roll….

Just recently i’ve been very busy with my band. We’ve been doing quite a few gigs. Playing late into the night, and into the early hours. Just about every gig we’ve played has included free drinks, and I’m a sucker for French lager. So lots of Rock, but not much roll (on the bike). I’ve still been riding 4 or 5 times a week, but not racing.

Decided it was time to get arse in gear. I don’t function properly if I don’t ride. Starting to feel like shit. Got up early and went and did the VTT Rando at Feytiat. It was great to see all my biking pals again, and it was even better to ride the superb circuit at speed, and enjoy the camaraderie on a beautiful morning. Carla came along as well. We both enjoyed the morning immensely. We’ve been a bit slack, but now we’re back on track. Had to have a nap in the afternoon. Very Rock’n’Roll eh?

2 thoughts on “Too much Rock, too little Roll….

  1. Beautiful picture Steve, will probably see you at the Taverne at Montbrun next week, just down the road from us!

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