For the Trees….

My Hommage to the beautiful trees……

In groves where whispers weave a tale,
The trees stand tall, a living veil.
Their branches dance in dappled light,
A symphony of green, a pure delight.

Beneath their boughs, a sanctuary found,
A sacred hush, a tranquil sound.
Leaves like emeralds in the sun,
A verdant tapestry, a life begun.

Majestic guardians of the earth,
Roots entwined, a silent rebirth.
They breathe in whispers, exhale in sighs,
A timeless dance beneath the skies.

In spring, they don a vibrant dress,
A kaleidoscope of nature’s finesse.
Blossoms bloom, a fragrant song,
A melody that lingers long.

Summer’s shade, a welcome cool,
Where golden sunlight plays the fool.
Leaves applaud in the gentle breeze,
A rustling ode to sylvan ease.

Autumn arrives, a painter’s brush,
Hues of amber, scarlet, and blush.
A final flourish before they sleep,
A fiery farewell, memories to keep.

Winter’s hush, a silver gown,
Frost-kissed branches, a silent crown.
Yet within their stillness, a promise glows,
Of rebirth, as the cold wind blows.

Oh, the beauty of these ancient kin,
Silent storytellers, where life begins.
In the tapestry of time, they weave,
A legacy of beauty, the trees believe.