Stefano Manotti

Stefano Manotti is an Italian singer-songwriter, composer, and guitarist. In March 2021, he released his first single (“Scorte d’amore”) under the Soulgem Records label. In the same month, he became a part of the Innovatory of Music, an association and international exchange program created by Paolo Schianchi to bring together the most promising young Italian talents. In September 2021, he released two singles, “Cercarmi” and “Dove Andare,” in collaboration with Giulio Carmassi (former member of the Pat Metheny Group), who handled the arrangements and mixing.
In May 2022, his first EP “Ideale” was released, solidifying his previous collaborations with Giulio Carmassi and Paolo Schianchi. In August 2022, he shared the stage with Enrico Ruggeri as part of the Innovatorio Festival. In January 2023, he released the single “Borsanera,” which climbed to the top positions in independent and emerging web charts and received airplay on Mradio. In September 2023, he released two singles, “Leap in the Dark” and “Endless Road,” receiving a favorable review on the A&R Factory blog (in the top 10 UK music blogs), which describes him as “virtuoso”.

Listen to his beautiful music here.