He wants her to be one of his girls ‘e does

Théodore Molina, el presidentéWho does? Théodore Molina, the president of the Cyclo Club Beauvallet that’s who does. He’s been after Carla for some time now. Even taken to giving her gifts!

Why? Well, first of all, Carla’s no slouch on a bike, she’s been on the podium in XC races before, and has the potential to do it again if she choses. Théo might not know she has podium palmares, but he’s seen her ride, and can see she has class. Secondly, there doesn’t seem to be many lady riders mountainbiking out here in France. Any that do ride are treated like royalty. For example, once when we were out on the trails we came upon a group of walkers. They heard us approaching and were more than happy to let us through. I was leading at the time, I got a ‘bonjour’, and a smile. When they saw Carla, she got a cheer, a clap, and ‘bravo’. See what I mean?

If Théo could get Carla to wear his club’s jersey it would be good exposure for his club. Though I don’t think that publicity for his club is his main objective. I think it’s notoriety….. you know, Théo, the one with all the girls! 🙂

Seriously though, cycling in France is all about the blokes. Théodore’s is working hard to promote ‘girls’ cycling, and he should be applauded for doing so. Well done that man!

Beauvallet Club Cylo logoBy the way, the CC Beauvallet annual VTT rando, ‘Virée des Copains’ takes place on 3rd February. Starting at Thouron, with circuits of 40, 27, and 12kms on offer. Why not go along and see whose riding? As if you couldn’t guess 🙂

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