Tedious tiresome turbo training

Turbo trainingWednesday’s apre-midi session with the ROCC didn’t happen due to persistant pissing down and high winds. I took a day off the bike! Thursday started of dry, but by the time I’d had a pre-ride brew it was already raining. Only one thing for it, a turbo session.

I just detest turbo training. 5 minutes lasts an hour, and the harder you work, the longer it lasts. But, it does the training trick, and I’m desperate, so I did it. One hour working at a solid level 2 (heart rate around 150bpm).

I used to do quite a lot of turbo sessions at one time. I had a musicians metronome to keep cadence, and a heart rate monitor. Yep, even used to record my heart rate, plot a graph, and stick it in my training diary. Got to the point where I knew what gear and cadence would produce what heart rate, give or take a few beats.

With my 5 minute warm up under my belt I was on my way. Got a nice suprise to find that my natural cadence is quicker than it used to be. Got a bleedin’ shock to find out how hard I had to work to maintain 150bpm on the HRM. Daydreamed a bit, found that when I was thinking about upcoming races I worked harder and my heart rate went up – obvious I suppose.

With one hour done, soaked in sweat, I climbed off, and I’m thinking to myself…. wasn’t so bad was it? might do another one tomorrow NOT!

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