Quelque soit le temps training

My aged Polar HRM - My wife bought it me in 1993!… and still it rains! After yesterdays turbo session I really couldn’t face another one, so I took my dirtiest bike for a training wash. Stuck my aged Polar on the bars, wrapped in cling-film. I dunno why really, I just did.

Ah yes, it’s good to be out. Up through the woods the ground is very very wet, and what was the main trail is now a little stream. By the top of the woods my glasses have turned into blinds so I relegate them to the back of my head. Out onto the lanes and onwards towards…. erm, well I don’t know really, ain’t got a route planned, just see what happens.

Down the main road towards St Cyr, left at the bottom of the climb, up through a tiny hamlet, then left off-road. It’s wet, but not cold. I stop for a pee. I’m steaming almost as much as the piss! 🙂 After a while I think i’ve finished peeing, it’s hard to tell. It’s me age!

Climbing up the trail there’s plenty of grip, and I’m making good progress. Back onto the tarmac I’m heading towards Cognac le Foret. I climb up past the aviation masts. There’s no view today. Then take the road that runs along the far side of the hills back towards St Cyr. The rain eases a little, and the sky looks a little brighter. Hey, maybe the rain will stop, and I’ll dry out before I get home.

Back through St Cyr and on towards St Auvent where I’m planning on riding down the pavée section. Onto the pavée, it’s steep, wet, and covered in leaves, but actually it’s not too bad. I make it to the bottom with hardly a slip. At the footbridge I stop for a minute to look at the raging river. Next little challenge is the granny ring climb up towards the L’Age turning. Yes, the same one I like to rattle down when I’m going the other direction. There’s some tricky steps halfway up. I just about manage them though I do have a foot out of pedal moment.

Along the dirt road back into L’Age there’s a French gate (length of string) blocking my way. A farmer is herding some cattle out of a field. His dog comes and says hello, he’s nice. As the cattle move on down the track the farmer collects his gate and gets on his ancient peugot bike to follow them. He sees me, looks up at the sky and gestures in a WTFs with this weather manner… we both laugh and continue on our way.

Last climb out of the valley, almost home. I pass the post that I use as my sprint marker and jump out of the saddle for the usual 15 pedal turn sprint. My shoes squelch, and water wrings out of my gloves. It’s been a wet ride.

3 thoughts on “Quelque soit le temps training

  1. hippy,
    It was waterproof once, but no more. Actually the last time it took a soaking and stopped working for a few days was in the L2P! The very same L2P that you’ll be doing very soon! 🙂

  2. I got my life’s supply of rain at last year’s Dunwich Dynamo, this year’s L2P is gonna be dry! Dry I tell you! 😉

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