In with the in crowd….at last!

Our band, The Sugaree Band, are one of the bands who’ve been selected to play in the series of concerts put on by the town of Saint Junien here in the Haute Vienne. We are really excited about this. It’s been hard work to get this, but at last, we are in with the in crowd.

We had to submit our ‘Press Kit’ months back. We’ve had to fill in endless forms, form an association, register it, provide all sorts of information, who’s shirts we wear, what brand of beer we like!! 😉 But we’ve done it! Here’s the proof…8th August…that’s us —>>>

comme un effet de l'art scene

Saint Junien, 87, Comme un Effet de L’Art Scene….Concerts musique, chaque jeudi soir pendant l’été dans le centre ville.


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