Jazz Club update – May 25th meet.


Thursday’s Jazz n Blues club session in St Junien was superb! Possibly the best one yet! We really are starting to gain momentum with this. Players coming from over an hour away to check us out! The place was packed, and there was such a friendly atmosphere. We are also getting a good mix of French and Ex-pats coming together to share and enjoy their music.

There were many high points that night, but one of the best was when a young French lad got up to play drums. He was very nervous, but he carried it off with great style, and encouragement from pro’ drummer Tim Bragg. Other highlights were a jazz version of Hey Joe featuring Tezzah, and dancing! Not the sort of thing you normally associate with a jazz club.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a short video (more vids here)…

There are also some fabulous photos from the night taken by ace photographer Ian Wilson. You’ll find them here -> PHOTOS JAZZ N BLUES CLUB MAY 25TH

Young Nico makes his jazz debut…

Next meeting will be June 27th. If you are in the Saint Junien area why not come along? If you want to play please contact me first.


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