Thriving music scene in France…

The weather here in France this spring has been a “cat’s arse trophy!” (say it quick). It’s been so cold and wet. In fact right now it’s pishing down and only 10 degrees C, and we are almost in June!!!
So I’ve been doing a lot more rock’n’roll that I have cycling. There’s a rampant music scene here in our part of central France, and over the next few months I’d like to share some of it with you.

With that in mind, I’ve changed all my header pictures and installed a calendar plug-in. I’ll try to keep you up-to-date with what’s occurin’….just in case you fancy coming along and checking any of it out.

Next thing for me personally in the Jazz n Blues club in St Junien tonight. It’s been going from strength to strength since we started it in Feb. Tonight promises to be another great night. We are getting a good mix of French and ex-pats coming along. It’s just great to see everyone getting ‘hip’ together and enjoying themselves.

Here’s the poster y’all…

jazz club poster

In the meantime, my band The Sugaree Band had a storming gig at the Giac’s Bar in St Junien last Saturday. Ace pro’ photographer Ian Wilson came along and took some superb pictures.

Carla shakes em

Many more here.

If you want to hear a clip of us playing there’s one on you tube here…


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