It’s hot in Haute!!!

Hot ride in the Haute VienneDown in the Haute Vienne for a couple of days. Couldn’t believe how warm it was. When you think that it’s only around 700 miles south from home. It was like going from early spring to early summer in the space of a day (how long it took to get here).

With just a light undershirt, and legwarmers instead of tights it was too warm!!! Anyway, set off for a couple of hours easy Sunday ride taking in Cognac le Foret, St Cyr, and St Auvent. A hilly tough route, but some super fast dirt roads from Cognac to St Cyr. Carla rode her FSR, and as it was a little warm she rolled her legwarmers down to just on the knee in that super chic way that she likes! 😉

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