King of the World

Out with my buddy Eric on the mountain bikes. Eric only lives across the valley, and although we ride on the road together quite often we rarely ride VTT together. But, as it was so cold we decided that VTT would be a warmer better workout than Road.

Sunny but frozen sums it up. Eric dived down the first off road descent like a total nutter. As an ex moto-crosser he’s great at that sort of stuff, and with the descent being just 200metres from his door he knows it well. Along the valley road in the shade, absolutely frozen. Onto the old pavé towards St Auvent, we got no chance, though we made 75% of it.

Onto some trails i’ve never been on now. Great, some new local stuff to learn. Back out into the sun, and climbing towards Cognac la Forét we’re warmed by the sun on our backs. The views from the top are just great. We can see the Monts de Blond, and behind them the Ambazacs. Gonna be covered in snow next week, apparently.

Whooping down the long descent into Cognac village I try the ‘jumping into holes’ technique that downhillers use to accelerate their bikes. When you get it right it feels right.

We’re heading home now with just under two hours done. Eric decides it’s not enough and takes us on a loop of the Forest of Rochechouart. There’s gangs of chasse (hunters) with guns! There friendly guys, but I make an effort to make more bike noise. Don’t want to be mistaken for a wild boar or deer.

Over the last few kilometres we pick the pace up. We’re working hard now, and not hanging about. The trails fly by. By the time we get back to Eric’s i’m cooked. I thank Eric for a great ride and head off home.

A quick shower, and next, the best bit! A cup of tea with a huge dash of Bowmore whisky. There’s a good fire going in the stove, as the sun sinks slowly towards the horizon. It’s gonna be a great sunset, i’ve a great ride in my legs, and I feel like King of the World. Simple pleasures eh?
King of the World drinks his tea!

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  1. lol only just seen this, love the pic 🙂 KB has some of those shoes, good for pre and post race ie showering and stuff.

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