Monday recovery ride with a French tart

A french lady cyclistNo, not that sort of tart! Just an excuse to post gratuitous pictures really…… No, usually, of a Monday I ride Big Bird down to the Boulangers in Rochechouart and treat myself to a sticky tart, then I ride back, tart in rucksack, before enjoying a few minutes of self indulgence with the tart and strong fresh black coffee. This Monday was just such a day.

Anyway, who should I happen to meet in town, but international motorcycle enduro rider PK Cheetham. Now, PK has ridden with the best on a motorbike, and I reckon he’d love MTB’s if he’d just give them a try, but try as I might, I cannot get him to pop his MTB cherry. I try tricking him, “feel how supple the suspension is on Big Bird”, I say. I pick her up and drop her, she sticks dead as a dead thing, not a sign of rebound. “She’ll never buck you, here try for yourself”, I say and push Big Bird towards him. He pumps the suspension a little, “very nice”, he says. “Marzocchis!”, I say, knowing he’ll be impressed. “Where’s the engine? where’s the start button?”. If he’d just try her once, I know he’d be hooked. Any ideas how I can get him to give it a go?

Tart in rucksack I head for home. My legs are tired from the weekends efforts, I spin an easy gear. The real tart? She’s a beauty. Betcha can almost smell the coffee ๐Ÿ™‚
A delicious French tart

4 thoughts on “Monday recovery ride with a French tart

  1. mmm fresh black coffee, especially french. What do the french do to coffee to make it sooo french? Once a year I work in town for a week at the Stella Artois tennis tournament. At the end of Palliser road there is a small grubby french cafe that does the most amazing coffee. The machine is a Gaggia, the coffee is actually Lavazza, but the taste is completely french!

    Do they put something disgusting in it thatI don’t want to know about? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I like the look of that pie…

    I still have nightmares about the huge strawberry tart I dropped in the dirt at Fontainbleau. Four hungry, salivating blokes scrobbling in the muck for clean bits of food is not a dignified sight ๐Ÿ™‚

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