Monday recovery ride…

As you well know… usually, of a Monday I ride Big Bird down to the Boulangers in Rochechouart and treat myself to a sticky tart, then I ride back, tart in rucksack, before enjoying a few minutes of self indulgence with the tart and strong fresh black coffee.

This Monday was a little different. Why? Because first I had to do some bike mechanics. The SIDs on my hardtail are due for a service, and they’re also destined for another bike (more about that in days to come), so I stripped them out. Next, I stole the 100mm Rebas off my Epic and fitted those. I’ve been wanting to try some 100mm forks on the hardtail for some time, and now seemed as good a time as any. I also swapped one 4mm spacer from below the stem to above it.

I took my best tyres off, put some old training tyres on, pumped ’em up to 40psi, changed into my cycling kit, spent 20 mins looking for keys, mobile phone, money, camera, rucksack etc, and was on my way. Another beautiful sunny day, and the first this year without gloves.

My tart of choice today was an ‘Amandine’. Just perfect with coffee. 🙂
A nice French tart

2 thoughts on “Monday recovery ride…

  1. No gloves is truly one of the first vernal mileposts of the year 🙂 We’ve just had a tea stop stretched out in the sun by the lake in Barnes Green. mmm…loverrly.

    In fact, remarkably similar to your picture. Though the coffee was rubbish here:-(


  2. Ramon, a ‘tea stop’ mid ride? We don’t do that in France. 😉
    Then again, I sometimes wish we did, when I’m hanging onto the back of a group and we whoosh past a nice cafe, and there’s the smell of fresh coffee.

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