Pearce Cycles Champion of Champions 2006

Pearce Cycles Champion of Champions 2006 trophy

It gave me great pleasure to accept the trophy for “Pearce Cycles Champion of Champions 2006”. It gave me great pleasure to show the ‘young guns’, and to prove to myself, that there’s life in the old dog yet. Karting, MTB racing, and Motorcycle Trials, a great multi-discipline challenge.
What started as a fun idea back in late summer turned out to be a fantastic motivator for me. Once I got started I just couldn’t help myself from taking it seriously.

“Thanks to everyone at Pearce Cycles for organising the events and being super competitors. Thanks to my wife for her continued support and putting up with my grumpiness when I’ve been tired from training. I have always believed that it is ones duty as a sportsman to give the best performance that one can give, and to win where possible by the biggest margin…….and fancy letting an old bloke with a dodgy shoulder beat youse”

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