Radbroke Wheelers

Where I’m working at the moment there’s a bunch of cyclists who train at lunch times. They’re known as the Radbroke Wheelers. and they are a mix of racers, triathletes, and blokes who just wanna keep fit. They go out twice a week, for a brisk ride, usually lasts an hour or so. I’ve ridden with them when I worked at Radbroke before, so I knew what to expect when I rode with them this week. It’s nearly always relentlessly brisk, with a burn-up down the home straight.

So, when I showed up on my MTB, I knew it was gonna hurt. Wednesday wasn’t so bad. I was fresh, and the route was fairly flat, and I got away with it. Thursday was tough, I could still feel the previous days effort in my legs, and as the pressure went on on some of the rises I was pretty much chewing on the handlebars. Determined not to crack, the burn-up down the last mile was agony. Thanks for the workout fellas, I deserved it. 🙂

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