Spring Training Camp

Let myself go a bit towards the end of last season. Actually, bit of self-denial there, I should say, over the last two years, since I stopped racing. I’m now 10lbs over my racing weight. Yes, I know, some of you lard buckets would love to be just 10lb too heavy. Anyway, enough, I’ve packed myself off on a training camp in France, the Limousin to be exact. I plan on getting some miles in ready for my assault on the South Downs Way in May.

Been here a week now, and the weather has been awful. Some days it has rained all day. On thursday I did two and a half hours during which I get soaked and dried out twice! The rain stopped yesterday, but it was very very cold. I got out early, on tired legs, and after half an hour I was so cold and tired I wanted to call it a day, but then I found a nice track through a forest, the sun came out, I ate half a chewy bar, and my spirits lifted. Three hour later I was sat on the patio in the early afternoon sun, enjoying a well earned cup of tea. 🙂

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