The story continued from yesterday…

Back at the sharp end – Jean-Phi managed to catch Marco and the two of them finished together – first two home 100kms in less than 4:30hrs. Lionel arrived a couple of minutes down. Carla rode the 85km option with Beauvallet Cyclo-club president Theo. They came home in 4hrs 55mins (well done wifey).

Now, Merci a tous …
Davy, thanks for stopping and helping me get down to the marshal at the road cross – you’re a good lad. Thanks to the first aid crew who looked after me with ice packs and water. Thanks to the ambulance crew (the pompiers) for taking me to St Junien hospital in their “vehicule presidential” (which means they put the lights and siren on ‘cos they don’t like to stop).

Thanks to the nurses and staff at the hospital for strapping me up, and turning me around with efficiency and minimum delay. Thanks to my friend Peter (Beta Biker) for bringing me home from hospital in his Italian open topped sports car. If you’re gonna travel injured, you might as well travel in style.

The upshot is that it is broken, and i might need to have surgery on it. I’ll find out for sure later today. I’ve gone onto starvation rations so that I don’t bulk up too much, and i’ll be on the turbo trainer as soon as I can.

In the mean time i’ve got the Tour de France to ride from the comfort of my armchair, and i’ve got some time to work on my French. 😉

2 thoughts on “The story continued from yesterday…

  1. GOOD LUCK with the shoulder, i too am looking forward to the tour i hope that cadel wins he is a good bloke and ex mtb rider so i will cheer for him, and i hope my mate magnus wins a stage, i once had a knee op 3 days before the tour and watched it all, enjoy

  2. Steve, sorry to hear of your crash, always happens so quickly ehh!? Makes me cringe any time i hear of an accident/injury, precisely this time last year i was shacked up as you well know watching the tour dreaming of riding a bike again myself. Hope it hasn’t knocked you about too much mentally and physically, but from everyone at Pearce Cycles, wish you as fast a recovery as your riding!

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