It’s bad, but not that bad….

x-ray-shoulder-2008Seen the Orthopaedic specialist at St Junien….. he says it’s a bad break, though he’s seen worse. The good news is that he’s confident it will heal OK without surgical intervention. I’m happy with that. As I understand it the first 10-14 days are most important in terms of a fibrous union forming. So, plenty of rest and good food to give my body the best chance.

Thanks to everyone who’s written to me, or posted comments. You’re all very kind.

8 thoughts on “It’s bad, but not that bad….

  1. Glad to hear you don’t need surgery. At least you can watch the Toud de France.

  2. Ah bugger dude!
    Hope you heal quick and well.
    I finished L2P in Group 1!!
    Fantastic!! I want to do it again!!!
    Hope you’re back on the bike soon.

  3. Hey … less of the fibrous unions … the kids are watching. Does the TDF come down near you? I can see if I can hook you up with a couple of day passes if you want to hob-nob a bit now that you are a man of leisure. Drop me an email.

    Can’t believe you took a digger. I have been trying to steer clear of all potential crash/scraped knees/ nasty scar situations wiv only 6 days to the wedding. Frocks and scabs don’t go very well together last time I checked.

    Enjoy the break, rest up and heal and you’ll be back flying in no time.

  4. Really sorry to hear of this news Steve, its the sort of thing we all try not to think about, and you were going so well at the mo. Hope there is no complications with the healing and you can get back on the bike asap.

    All the best from DaveSueJack

  5. Hello Steve,

    I read that you had an accident at the Mandragore. I’m very sorry to hear that !
    I’ve had the same accident on 2004 and it repeard during 1.5 months .
    Good luke for this summer but I think you’ll ride your SWorks very quickly.
    (Sorry for my French english !)

    All the best.


  6. Steve sorry to hear of your tumble, glad that its not a repetition of the last time you crashed. Keep your chin up, I expect you know every tour rider by now.
    Remember the best known healing liquids are beer and scotch, though not necessarily in that order.
    Will give you a call this week.

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