Short shoulder update…

Had a new x-ray taken down at St Junien hospital yesterday, followed by a consultation with the doctor. It’s healing well, but it’ll need a lot more time. Have a look at the x-ray yourself, see if you can see the progress.

I’m wearing a strap that holds my shoulders back tight. I asked if i could have a spare one so that one could get washed while i wear the other (like on the turbo or something!). He took a look at the one I already have, decided it wasn’t tight enough, so gave me a new one and strapped my shoulders back tighter than ever! Next visit – two weeks hence.

BTW – I ain’t feeling sorry for myself over this. No one forces me to ride a bike, I do it ‘cos I want to. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity. I’m happy with my lot. 🙂

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