Back on my bike!

back on my bike -turboYep, i’m back on my bike. Rode up the Col de Galibier with the Tour de France riders yesterday!!!

OK, not exactly… I set my mountainbike up on the turbo in the shade of the patio. Carla set the tele up so i could watch Le Tour while riding. As the TDF riders climbed the mythical col I span an easy gear in the same cadence. It was hot, it was hard, I suffered alongside the pro’s. It was uncomfortable, but I managed an hour. Hey, I even sprinted when the breakaway went over the top.

My ride done, Carla washed me down with a bucket of warm water, I towelled off, then settled down to watch the rest of the stage with a cool beer! Sastre’s move on Alpe d’Huez was fantastic. Andy Schleck’s work for his brother was awesome. It’s been a great tour this year, though I’m a little disappointed that it’s all gonna come down to a time trial to decide the winner.

Who do you think is gonna win? … and if it was won on merit, who then?

5 thoughts on “Back on my bike!

  1. Good to see you back on the bike. I’m sure you would have given a run for their money if youd been there!

    Andy Schleck has worked incredibly hard in the mountains, I’m sure we will see more of him in the future.

    All things remaining the same come the time trial then I’m on Sastre as he has yellow I’m sure he will do everything in his power to protect it and he will have the advantage of starting after Cadel.

  2. HI, good to see you soldiering on.
    i would like to see cadel win he tries hard, i believe he is a clean honest rider, and he has the weakest team, we might even see some madness on the last day, as for the schleck’s i dont know why just dont like them,but looking forward to the weekend!

    the weather forecast(rain)could make it very close

  3. Hi Steve

    Glad to see you pushing the wheels. I’ve just got back from a couple of weeks mountaineering in the Alps, so haven’t had much access to TdF action, although co-incidentally I managed to watch Cav’s wins during a couple of rest days – watching Eurosport in a bar in Zermatt. I jumped up and down so much during his first win I nearly got thrown out (OK so I’d had a few beers…..)!

    I’m here all the way through August so hopefully catch up with you at some stage.


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