There’s only one thing…erm, actually there’s two!

I was gonna write a post about the one thing that’s stopped me training properly lately. It takes a lot to keep me off my bike, and like most compulsive exercisers, I trend towards exercising to the detriment of my health. Luckliy I have my wife to stop me from overdoing it…..

… and then, what’d’ya know there’s actually two things!

First, the first, is some nasty hateful bacteria type thing that has taken charge of my bowels thereby turning me into a prisoner in my own home, on a short leash from the toilet. Three days of flush gut! Then just when things were getting hard, I stole a recce of the departmentals circuit to be rewarded with a chest infection. Volcanic toilet action replaced with hacking up of frogs.

I’ve been trying to make the most of it, looking on it as an opportunity! Taking some much needed rest, and doing a little strength work with my Compex. Currently (geddit?) it involves strapping myself into a chair then putting as much current through my legs as I can bear while at the same time trying to flex my quads!

I went to watch some of my friends racing in the Veyrac Vétathlon yesterday. Looked like fun, wish I could’a been one of them. Took some pictures if you fancy seeing what it’s all about. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking towards the Regionals, and I’m getting twichy (might be the Compex). The only riding I’m allowing myself is a daily cruise around the manor on my jump bike.
Cruising the manor on my Specialized P1 jump bike.

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