Rochechouart Olympic Club Cyclo

In order to qualify for entry to the races I want to do in France this year I have to be a member of a French club, and hold a French licence. So, I joined the “Rochechouart Olympic Club Cyclo”, also known as the “R.O.C.C”, or in English, Rochechouart Olympic Cycling Club. They’re a friendly bunch, I know lots of them, and they’re willing to have me. They’re kit looks good too!
Rochechouart Olympic Club Cyclo or ROCC
Now, can anyone think of a reason I shouldn’t join them? 😉

9 thoughts on “Rochechouart Olympic Club Cyclo

  1. And that’s in February – can’t wait to see what she will (won’t?) be wearing in June! No wonder the club is so popular…..

    Hope the chest infection/lurgy is clearing, take it easy.

  2. bravo steve c,est super bien ce que tu fait et aussi pour carla c,est elle qui est en photo sur le velo? vous faites honneur au club super a bientot gaby

  3. super pour la popularité du club; mais je n’ai pas reconnu Carla ou alors je ne la connais pas assez !

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