Weapon of Choice 2008

At last, after months of planning, weeks of waiting, days of anticipation, I finally got my new bike……
My 2008 Specialized Carbon HT race bike
S-Works Carbon HT Frame
SID world cups.
Spesh seat and seatpost.
XTR wherever possible.
Thompson stem.
Easton carbon bars.
Hutchinson Python tubeless tyres.

Built for me by my good friends at Pearce Cycles. This is my race bike for 2008…

I spec’d it myself, and could have chosen anything. I chose what I think is the best for me, and the races that I do. The forks are my old SID World Cups. I’ve had new bushes and seals fitted. I have some white 2008 SIDs on order. I think the Stumpjumper SID combination is a perfect one. No other frame fork combo that i’ve tried comes close. It’s feels like a race bike should, and is rocket fast.

Thanks to Dai at Pearce’s for building it for me, and thanks to Supawal my bro’ for flying out with it. Amazingly, it was cheaper for my bro’ to fly out with it for a weeked than it was for a courier to bring it…… Well maybe not if you factor in the cost of the booze we drank. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Weapon of Choice 2008

  1. Very nice indeed! I’ve been looking at that frame for a while….maybe.

    I too have some SIDS on order – blue though. I’ve been told 3 weeks, just in time for the gtl 🙂


  2. Thanks Raymond. I’ve spent a while setting it up in the quirky way that I like it. Just need to get out and ride it now. It should get it’s first outing at this weekends race.

  3. Very nice Steve! – A beautiful piece of kit indeed.

    I was thinking about getting S-Works Carbon HT Frame for my next bike a little later this year, but somebody at my local club suggested also looking at the S-Works Carbon Epic frame, so its going to be a hard decision. Although I’ve only ever ridden HT’s so the epic will have to be something special to change my mind.

    Here’s hoping it helps you get the results this season that you’re working hard for.

    Look forward to hearing about the first run out on it!


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